Visual Speech Recognition
or Lip Reading

Visper startup creates the app for automatic lip reading

Visper is designed for human lip reading followed by voice or text reproduction, so that your communication without voice would be seamless.

Aphonia - constant or temporary absence of voice, it is possible symptom or outcome of the throat cancer, apoplexy and many other neurological diseases, which sophisticates the process of communication.
Visper helps to overcome this barrier.

Lip Reading Technology

We use computer vision and deep learning based technologies to transfer lips movements to text and voice.

Our technology is easily scalable for different languages and communication contexts (i.e. medicine). We are working on single words and whole phrases recognition.
Visper Startup Team
We have small but dedicated team.
Let us know if you would like to join us in this journey!
Dmitry Klimenkov
CTO, Deep Learning engineer
Polina Sidoruk
Kirill Levshun
Deep Learning engineer
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Photos by Alexands Korsakov
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